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SoundTrack_Cologne is happy to announce all guests of Theme Day „Music In TV“ : Jeff Russo, Reinhold Heil, Miriam Cutler and Łukasz Targosz THEME DAY MUSIC IN GAMES All Guests Confirmed! SoundTrack_Cologne confirms more guests:Christian Henson, Jessica Curry and Christophe Héral ! REALITY CHECK / MUSIC POLITICS Data, Works, Rules SoundTrack_Cologne 13 follows the track of data. In cooperation with c/o pop. HANDS ON! The workshop-program In the workshops of SoundTrack_Cologne 13 experts will present their practice and invite the participants to join in. EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY A NORDIC FOCUS Once again in 2016, SoundTrack_Cologne was at the film festival in Cannes with the EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY. European Talent Competition Twelve soundtracks - one movie: The European Talent Competition invites young composers and sound designer to create their own world of music and sound for a short movie. PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD In 2016 SoundTrack_Cologne is again awarding a prize for the best music in a short film: the PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD. WORKSHOP FILMMUSIC Tuomas Kantelinen The finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen invites to his Filmmusic Workshop. REMIX WORKSHOP DJs The Penelopes A Hands On Remix-Workshop by Pop Duo The Penelopes Masterclass Soundlogo The Art Of Smoke And Mirrors Frank Ilfman und Matthew Derek Slater about their work on the new Soundlogo COMPOSING FOR VIDEOGAMES WORKSHOP GAMES A Practical Introduction To Adaptive Games Music With Helge Borgarts and Andreas Kolinski NUENDO FOR GAMES Presentation/Workshop Sebastian Mönch introduces to the participants the use of Steinberg Nuendo for game audio production. FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP Youth Media Work The Soundtrack rules! Music and sound in short films. Study Presentation Hannover University Influence of music on gaming experience and game enjoyment With Dr. Christoph Klimmt and Daniel Possler, hmtmh Hannover REALITY CHECK / MUSIC POLITICS Data, Works, Rules 2 Days, 6 events, 1 common thread SEE THE SOUND OPENING FILM: RAVING IRAN Competition: Susanne Regina Meures\' documentary \"Raving Iran\" about two harassed techno DJs from Tehran. Opening SEE THE SOUND SEE THE SOUND SEYMOUR: AN INTRODUCTION Ethan Hawke\'s warmhearted portrait of pianist Seymour Bernstein Competition SEE THE SOUND SEE THE SOUND THE ECSTASY OF WILKO JOHNSON In \"The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson\" Julien Temple integrates references to Bergman, Tarkovsky and Parajanov. Competition SEE THE SOUND SEE THE SOUND GOODNIGHT BROOKLYN European premiere in competition: NY-Underground-Club versus VICE Magazine in Matt Conboys \"Goodnight Brooklyn - The Story of Death By Audio\" - gentrification deluxe! European Premiere in Competition SEE THE SOUND SEE THE SOUND I GO BACK HOME - JIMMY SCOTT Yoon-Ha Changs’ \"I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott\" brings us closer to one of the most moving voices of jazz. German premiere in competition SEE THE SOUND SEE THE SOUND SEX, MARACAS & CHIHUAHUAS German premiere: In Hollywood Xavier Cugat was the King of Rumba. Diego Mas Trelles presents alife full of \" Sex , Maracas & Chihuahuas \". SEE THE SOUND IN PURSUIT OF SILENCE German Premiere: A meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. SEE THE SOUND - THE REVOLUTION WON\'T BE TELEVISED Competition:\"The Revolution won`t be televised\", but is closely watched by director Rama Thiaw SEE THE SOUND STRIKE A POSE Touching portrait about the Vogue-dancers of Madonna\'s \"Blond Ambition\" tour and their life following the hype SEE THE SOUND IN BED WITH MADONNA Alex Keshishians Blond Ambition-tour film introduces the Vogue-dancers who are portrait in \"Strike a Pose\" 25 years later SEE THE SOUND - WORLD PREMIERE SAMUEL BARBER:ABSOLUTE BEAUTY World Premiere: With a wonderful musical focus director Paul H. Moon portrays the US-composer, who wrote so much more than one of the saddest pieces of classical music: Adagio for Strings SEE THE SOUND BREAKING A MONSTER German Premiere: With their heavy metal band \"Unlocking the Truth\" three Afro-American kids brushed stereotypes against the grain SEE THE SOUND THE AMAZING NINA SIMONE German Premiere: fascinating singer, pianist, civil rights activist or simply known as \"The Amazing Nina Simone\" SEE THE SOUND MAVIS! German premiere: With The Staple Singers Mavis Staples plugged into one of the most recognized voices of gospel and soul. SEE THE SOUND MAYA ANGELOU AND STILL I RISE German Premiere: Portrait of Maya Angelou with exciting archive material SEE THE SOUND MAD TIGER German Premiere: It is Red versus Yellow, when it starts to simmer behind the scenes of the Japanese punk anime performance band Peelander - Z from NY SEE THE SOUND NEVERENDING - DAMO SUZUKI With a great sense of atmosphere the low-budget film follows the former CAN singer on tour - in the presence of Damo Suzuki and director Di Loreto SEE THE SOUND LO SOUND DESERT SEE THE SOUND THEY WILL HAVE TO KILL US FIRST They got expelled by Islamists: The Malian musicians in \"They Will Have To Kill Us First\" by Johanna Schwartz SEE THE SOUND SONGS FROM THE NORTH SEE THE SOUND KURZFILMPROGRAMM Program folder SoundTrack_Cologne Programmfolder: Download SEE THE SOUND Programmfolder: Download SoundTrack_Cologne 13 The official Trailer Watch the official SoundTrack_Cologne 13 trailer now! 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