Data, Works, Rules. Reality Check · Music Politics at SoundTrack_Cologne 13

SoundTrack_Cologne 13 follows the track of data. Because everything on the web is first of all nothing other than: data. Whether a snapshot of the family, a Schufa-report or a film score recording.

Data is information, but data is also currency One pays for data, and data is also used as payment. Data should not fall into the wrong hands, but what control options are available - technically, legally, pragmatically? Culture data should be tracable, their use understandable; millions of artistic existences depend on the remuneration of those uses.

While there has never been in the history of business with content extensive options for tracking individual usages such as today. The detection of continuous uses and the assignment to the entities will work out at best, inadequatelly. Is the reason the Fraunhofer Institute described this situation a "metadata disaster"? Does the BlockChain technology make everything better? What can individuals in regard to their data do to regain data control and data autonomy?

2 days, 6 events, 1 common thread: The sector-political program of #stc13 takes a look outside the box, raises questions and is looking for answers at the border of Informational self-determination and intellectual property.

Data, Works, Rules will take place in cooperation with c / o pop.



Program Overview

Data, Works, Rules. In cooperation with c / o pop


Practical Workshop FreedomBox

with developer and activist Markus Sabadello ( Danubetech )

Autonomous infrastructure, own server, own cloud, decentralization, privacy with FeedomBox


Data, Works, Rules

Mod .: Matthias Hornschuh & Stephan Benn

  • Volker Rieck (filedefense): One earns always: Structurally law-infringing sites, cash flows
  • Viola Hagen - Becker (DPO LfM NRW): Who can do what with personal information on the web? - EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Markus Sabadello (Danubetech): FreedomBox - Privacy, decentralization, own infrastructure


What to do with illegal use?

By: Frank Höfinger & Marco Erler, Lausen Rechtsanwälte


The Metadata-Disaster: Current Status Quo & action

Mod.: Matthias Horn Shoe & Stephan Benn

With: Ulrich Geiger (program management and development Television Hessischer Rundfunk), Dr Markus Grimm (IT4IPM), Michaela Ludyk (German Telekom), Andy Ludyk (Ludyk2), Florian Richter (brand new music / DOMUS), Sascha Peters (Warner Chappell Production Music), Markus Sabadello (FreedomBox)


Block Chain: transparency and efficiency?

Mod.: Jan Hendrik Becker

By: Benji Rogers (PledgeMusic), Paul Pacifico (The Featured Artists Coalition / ILO), Maik Klotz (Consultant), Dr. Markus Grimm (IT4IPM), Cédric Claquen (Co-Founder / 1D Touch)


More Reality Check @ #stc13:


Endangeres VoD the film authors remuneration?

Netflix, Amazon & Co.: film goes digital.

With: Micki Meuser, Tina Pepper, Dr. Anselm Kreuzer ...

In cooperation with DEFKOM, Composers Club, mediamusic


GEMA for beginners - tasks and work of a collecting society

With Matthias Dengg, Communications Manager, General GEMA Munich, Directorate Communications

In cooperation with c/o pop