The EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY emerged from the German Film Music Day.

Televisor Troika - organizer of the greatest German filmscore-congress SoundTrack_Cologne - proudly looks back on a successful day of European filmscore as part of the 69th Film Festival in Cannes. 

Also in 2016 SoundTrack_Cologne aims to help European composers and filmscore to gain more international attention on their work and importance.

The EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY is being implemented in cooperation with European Composers and Songwriters Alliance (ECSA), Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) and European filmcomposer associations as Composers Club, DEFKOM/German Composers Association and mediamusic.

The programme aims to introduce European filmscore in all its diverse facets, cultural differences and similarities. In this year the EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY had its focus on the scandinavian countries. Presentations and panels on special chosen topics offer all visitors the opportunity to exchange, join discussions and to get an insight of the working structures of the invited composers of the EUROPEAN FILM MUSIC DAY.

The German Film Music Cocktail at invitation of SoundTrack_Cologne at the Pantiero welcomes visitors, professionals and trainees to networking and exchanging with the guest-composers.

The target group comproses movie producers, sponsors and financiers where European filmscore has a comparatively difficult position so far. The focus is on acquisition of future orders and commissions for composers.