SoundTrack_Cologne 13 awards European Talent Award, Peer Raben Music Award, SEE THE SOUND Award for Best Music Documentary and the Best German Live Music TV-Show Award.

SoundTrack_Cologne 13 • August 24th - 28th 2016

The juries of SoundTrack_Cologne 13 have made their decisions. The winners are Daniel Herget (WDR Film Score Award), Jérémy Bocquet (European Talent Award Sound Design) and Filip Sijanec (Peer Raben Music Award). The SEE THE SOUND Award for Best Music Documentary goes to „I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott“ by Yoon-ha Chang, the SEE THE SOUND Award for Best German Live Music TV-Show goes to zdf@bauhaus (3SAT) produced by TVT.Media.

During the award ceremony composer Cliff Martinez received the Lifetime Achievement Award of SoundTrack_Cologne. With this award SoundTrack_Cologne honours an artist, who - as the former drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers - has become one of the greatest film composers and who is a great inspiration to many musicians.

As Eleni Mitsiaki, journalist and member of the International Film Music Critics Association

states in her laudation:

"His talent contribution to a diverse assortment of movies not only makes you experience a new and different quality, but also a film music future of electronic sonoscapes strongly bounded with classical acoustic environments that is an essential part of the narrative adding to the visual level of films. This is how Cliff Martinez is pushing the boundaries of film scoring and points towards to what film music could become."


The winners of the European Talent Award are Daniel Herget (WDR Filmscore Award), Jérémy Bocquet (European Talent Award Sound Design), Mathilde Josset receives an Honourable Mention.

Since its very beginning the European Talent Award is a central event of SoundTrack_Cologne. The work of all competition participants, who created a new world of music and sound for a muted short film, show how differently a soundtrack can tell a film.

The members of the jury were Sound Designer Josef Steinbüchel (owner of Torus GmbH Sound Postproduction), Philipp Polzin as representative of the WDR Funkhausorchester, director Christian Alvart, film journalist Uwe Mies this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner and composer Cliff Martinez.

The WDR Filmscore Award goes to Daniel Herget, Germany. He wins a one-day recording session of one of his own compositions with the WDR Funkhausorchester.

The jury statement:

„Daniel Herget’s score presented a completely unique and professional approach that works to perfectly support and serve the dramatic arc of the film. It’s focus and attention to detail, combined with inventive use of space and silence created an effective balance that helped to accelerate the dynamic and created stand-out moments in the short narrative. The jury felt, that the film work best and most effective when played to this score.“

The European Talent Award in the category best sound design goes to Jérémy Bocquet. He wins a 5.1 Surround Short Mix in the TORUS GmbH Sound Postproduction in Cologne, which donates this award.

The jury statement:

„Jérémy Bocquet’s bold work to this film created a quiet yet threatening, eerie and haunting atmosphere that told the complete story in sound design. It’s good blending of intra-musical elements, including electronic textures, stood out. The work had an excellent use of spacialized and distanced sound that properly presented dynamic choices in a creative and fulfilling way. Expect the unexpected.“

A honourable mention goes to Mathilde Josset.

The jury statement:

“Mathilde Josset’s creative and sincere score used its fairytale like qualities, innovative structural elements and imaginative intelligence to develop the story well. It supported the feeling of the film through its fresh ideas, clever use of reoccurring memorable musical elements and strong originality. All of these factors helped to inspire curiosity in the film and create a unique experience that is excellently presented to the audience.”


The Peer Raben Music Award goes to Filip Sijanec for his music for the film „Fulfilament“, directed by Rhiannon Evans.

The members of the jury were composers Tina Pepper und Anselm Kreuzer and director Lika Alekseeva.

To quote the jury:

„The winning score interacts with the pictures and sound design in a charming, decent, minimalistic yet highly emotional way. It provides rhythm and humour. It gives warmth to the technical “bulb world“ and never over-emphasizes aspects that the pictures and sound design already convey. Handmade instruments are well embedded into a modern sound concept and give a unique identity to the whole film.“

Additionally the jury issued a honourable mention to Christoph Zirngibl for his score to the film „Refugee Blues“ and to Pablo Pico for his score to „Lilou“.

 The jury states that is was impressed by the high quality of the nominated film scores. The

award for the best music in a short film is endowed with 1.500 Euro and remembers composer and SoundTrack_Cologne Honorary Award Winner Peer Raben (1940-2007) who was best known for his work for the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


SEE THE SOUND Award for Best Music Documentary goes to „I Go Back Home - Jimmy Scott“ (D/USA/CZ/F/UK) by Yoon-ha Chang.

Director Yoon-ha Chang accompanied music producer Ralf Kemper, who travels to jazz legend Jimmy Scott and almost comes too late: the aging singer is in shockingly bad health condition. And yet they try everything to record a final album. A heartbreaking movie about one of the most moving voices of jazz - and about the healing power of music.

To quote the jury:

„Yoon-ha Chang’s documentary about the US-American Jazz vocalist Jimmy Scott, admired for his soprano voice and his sensitivity on ballads, uses a discrete visual language: Restful images capture Scott’s encounter with Düsseldorf music producer and composer Ralf Kemper shortly before the singer’s death in 2014. The process of artistic and human convergence leads to a goal that turns out difficult to achieve – the production of a final tribute album featuring some of the world’s leading musicians. Director Yoon-ha Chang follows this process with outmost discretion and sensitivity. Both images and original soundtrack tell the story of a voice which remained as captivating as ever. The viewer is invited to participate in this long and winding road and witnesses the power of will – leading to an album still waiting to be officially released.“

The jury were director Martina Pfaff, video artist Mirjam Baker und Ex-Can-Singer Damo Suzuki. It is awarded for the fourth time and is endowed with 2.500 Euro.


With a new prize for the Best German Live Music TV Show SoundTrack_Cologne supports its commitment to high quality music presentation on TV. Awarded is a TV format, not a specific single show, in the field of popular music.

The first SEE THE SOUND Award for Best German Live Music TV Show goes to ZDF @ bauhaus (3Sat), a production of the Cologne based GmbH.

The jury members were Manfred Gillig-Degrave, publisher of the magazine Musikwoche, Dr. Robert von Zahn, General Secretary of Landesmusikrat NRW and composer Helmut Zerlett. The award goes to the producers and broadcaster, the prize money of 2,500 euros goes to the production company.

The Jury’s statement: „The extraordinary setting in “Bauhaus” of ZDF and 3Sat conveys relaxed club atmosphere with cozy ambiance. The often unexpected cast with unusual acts is combined with competent interviews. Bauhaus has the courage to invite bands, who just started on their way to fame. Although the number of cameras is limited, their dance with the music is remarkable.“