Helge Borgarts is a German composer and video games producer. From 2006 to 2013 Borgarts was CEO of the phenomedia publishing GmbH with which he brought the cult game „Moorhuhn“ on the market. Today he works for various games production companies as a producer and composer. Andreas Kolinski, composer and music producer, lectures since 2002 Media Composition at the Robert Schumann Institute for Music and Media in Düsseldorf. Under his pseudonym akmusique he published numerous compilations in the range Lounge Music and Electronic Downbeat.

In the workshop "Practical Introduction to Adaptive Games Music", Helge Borgarts and Andreas Kolinski are giving a concrete insight into the technical and compositional requirements for the development of adaptive music for games. A detailed introduction is given by various examples and by live demonstration on concrete projects Borgarts and Kolinski will convey what there is to consider as a composer when you’re approching to adaptive games music.


Fr. August 26th 10:00h IHK Guillaume-Saal

The number of participants is limited, it's not possible to apply anymore.