In the web everything is a date: whether SCHUFA report or soundtrack. Both should not fall into the wrong hands, but what control options are available - technically, legally, pragmatically?

Culture data should be tracable, their use comprehensible. In practice it’s complicated ... It requires valid metadata and a secure and transparent technology: Could Blockchain be the solution?


The Metadata Disaster

Current Status Quo and need for action

Data, the "oil of the 21st century". Who has the data has control mechanisms, who wants control, needs access to the data. But who cultivates, who validates, who controls the data? Action areas, Options, Player.

With: Ulrich Geiger (Programme-Management and Development Television Hessischer Rundfunk), Dr. Markus Grimm (IT4IPM), Michaela Ludyk (Deutsche Telekom), Andy Ludyk (Ludyk²), Florian Richter (brand new music/DOMUS), Sascha Peters (Warner Chappell Production Music), Markus Sabadello (Danubetech / FreedomBox)