Hands on! The workshop program of SoundTrack_Cologne 13


Movies and TV Series, Games and Radio Plays are full of music - an integral part of storytelling. One can read about it, discuss it or also experience and enjoy it. The Soundtrack_Cologne 13 conference program offers all that, and more.


In the workshops of SoundTrack_Cologne 13 experts will present their practice and invite the participants to join in: How does all this work? What are the rules - and what are the tools? Who is making the decisions - and when?

Theory meets practice, explanation meets trying out, professionals meet the curious: Hands on!


  • Finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen is not only a very relaxed and highly entertaining conversationalist, he also has proven himself a master of orchestral compositions in his work for international film productions (“Mongol“, “Mindhunters“, “The Legend of Hercules“), for ballet and in opera. He will give a practical insight into the art and craft of film scoring during this morning workshop.
  • The London-based DJ duo The Penelopes remixed The Ting Tings, The Pet Shop Boys and Lana Del Rey. In their practical remix workshop the two Frenchmen reveal some of their tricks and tools before they perform in person at the following award ceremony.
  • Steinberg Media Technologies became a manufacturer of groundbreaking software like Cubase and Nuendo for leader in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). But especially NUENDO can do much more than just music production. Senior Product Specialist International Sebastian Mönch presents NUENDO as a comprehensive tool for processing and integration of game scores.
  • Unlike film scores, game music is nonlinear music that is recalled in gameplay algorithmically. Helge Borgarts and Andreas Kolinski teach composers, what needs to be considered when looking at adaptive game music.
  • Matthias Tode and Matthias Hornschuh offer a film music workshop in cooperation with the LAG Local media work NRW e.V. and the Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V., especially for those involved in youth media work. How does music get into movies, how do you find the right sounds for the intended statements and effects?


All workshops, presentations, coachings and masterclasses of SoundTrack_Cologne 13 are available in the program calendar.


But watch out: The workshops of Tuomas Kantelinen and Borgarts & Kolinski require a registration.

There's no registration needed for all other workshops: First come, first served!

An accreditation is required for the registration.